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Cocoa Mint Cleansing Tea

Say good bye to drying sulfates and irritating surfactants and say hello to our surfactant free castile soap shampoo! Enriched with a soothing blend of organic peppermint, this 100% natural conditioning shampoo promises to moisturize your clients' hair better than any shampoo they have ever used before!

Top Seller!

No Knots Conditioning Cleanser

Who says suds are needed for deep cleansing? Moisturize, cleanse, and melt away all knots and tangles with our super hydrating conditioning cleanser. Lather-less and created to in part oil free moisture to all hair types, this creamy cleanser revitalizes the hair and scalp with organic fruit extracts and leaves hair soft and manageable for days!

EverMoist 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Low-poo or no-poo, why choose? Our EverMoist 2 in 1 Cleanser combines the best of both worlds! A blend of mild surfactants and deeply conditioning moisturizers, this moisturizing cleanser promises to leave hair clean and soft with just one wash! 

Antifoam Gooseberry & kiwi scalp cleanser

Our Anti-Foam Gooseberry & Kiwi Scalp Cleanser revitalizes the scalp and is an excellent solution for clients who wear hair extensions, or customers who may need a gentle scalp cleanser in between hair wash days! Mentholated to sooth itchiness and irritation, this product not only revitalizes the scalp, but also smooths the hair cuticle to prevent frizzy roots while also softening virgin hair. 

Top Seller!



Allow your tresses to bathe in a frothy, moisturizing, invigorating blend of sulfate free cleansing, and invigorating lavender and peppermint oils with our Lavender Mint Spa Cleansing Condish. Formally know as our Lavender Mint Moisture Shampoo, this product is suitable for all textures, great for extensions, and offers a gentle, yet efficient option for cleaning your hair and scalp while providing oil free hydration and light weight detangling. Free of harsh sulfates and capable of removing all but the heaviest silicones and oils/waxes.



New Product!

A reformulated version of our AHA Rosemary Mint Shampoo, this cleanser is great for all hair types

and is suitable for removing oil and debris without compromising moisture and shine. Excellent option

for keeping the scalp stimulated and healthy and works well on hair extensions. 

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