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Hair Care

"Don't spend time beating on a wall hoping that it will transform

into a door" - Coco Chanel

AHA Rosemary Mint Exfoliating Shampoo

Perfect for itchy and flaky scalps, our AHA Rosemary Mint Exfoliating Shampoo is a creamy cleanser created to remove dandruff and debris from the scalp. Essential oils of rosemary and peppermint and alpha hydroxy acids, such as sugar maple and billberry provide a relaxing experience for clients while also providing them with a healthier and cleaner scalp.

Get rich, vibrant and healthy hair with Quinoa & Bamboo Color Intense Deep Condish. This detangling solution contains key amino acids to assist in locking in moisture and hydrolyzed quinoa for stronger color retention. Formulated with extracts of bamboo and avocado butter for improving hair strength.

Quinoa & Bamboo Color Intense Condish

A mentholated moisture spray created to soothe itchiness while leaving the hair tangle free and soft, our Anti Itch Peppermint Restoration Mist is excellent for use for braided styles and extentions. Detanglers are added to prevent matting during the 'take down' of hair styles while oat extract and comfrey are infused to assist in the restoration of sore and irritated scalps. 

Iron Guard Straightening Spray

Created to provide the silkiest press and allow flat irons to glide smoothly across the hair strands, this multi use product is growing to be a best seller! Say goodbye to greasy, stiff, life less hair styles, this light weight silicone spray allows the hair to flow making it ideal for daily use as a straightening aid as well as maintaining all straightened hair styles. A "dry oil" that provides incredible softness, and manageability

without build up, it's no wonder why our Iron Guard Straightening Spray has become an instant hit with salons!. BONUS: Add your favorite fragrance to this item for beautifully scented hair that combats the dreaded "burned hair" smell. This item is so light, that when used on the skin it can provide a soft, smooth feel while leaving the skin conditioned and fragrant.


Our High Shine Silicone Spray is a silicone based shine spray formulated with broccoli seed oil and rice bran oil for added sheen and conditioning benefits. Containing a heavier oil content than our Iron Guard Straightening Spray, our High Shine Silicone Spray provides the hair with a shiny, conditioned finish, while also offering heat protection and is suitable for coarser hair types. 

Pomegranate & Avocado HI Definition Buttercream

Say "hi" to slip, curl definition, and moisture with our new Pomegranate & Avocado Hi Definition Buttercream. Made specifically to address the styling needs of thick and curly hair types, our new twisting cream is a heavier version of our Toasted Marshmallow & Ginger Twisting Cream for coarser hair types in need of stronger hold and heavier emollients. 

Quinoa & Bamboo Color Intense Condish

Iron Guard Straightening Spray

Curly kids


Hair Care


Cucumber & Coconut Nectar Super Slip Detangling Froth 

Wash days no longer have to be painful! A gentle. creamy shampoo blend created from essences of soothing cucumber hydrosols, apple surfactants, and natural emollients, this detangling cleanser keeps curly hair textures tangle free without compromising moisture or cleanliness.  Infused with oat proteins and organic oat oil to prevent dry scalp and raw coconut nectar for moisture retention.

72hr 2 in 1 Baby Buttercream

Formulated from a blend of jamaican black castor oil and capuacu butter, this thick heavy buttercream creates a moisture reservoir that makes it  perfect for hair types in need of long lasting conditioning benefits and hydration. Perfect for the winter months, this heavy hair cream utilizes an innovative hair active blend of plankton, sodium pca, and sugar based humectants that promises 72 hour moisture for very dry hair and skin. 

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Enjoy instantly soft tangle free hair with our super slip detangling shake! Tangles are every child and every mom's hair day nightmare, that's why we created this creamy hair shake with only the best active detangling ingredients in the industry! Glycerin free, vegan, and excellent for smaller children and all hair types, this must have detangler also acts as a light weight conditioner with oils of strawberry and vanilla oleoresin for super soft manageable tresses. 

Strawberry Vanilla Super Slip Detangling Shake


wild Yam & Maple 2 in 1 Hair Dew

A healthy blend of carrot seed oil, wild yam extracts, broccoli seed oil and organic maple, kids may not be a fan of veggies, but this hydrating hair conditioner may be the exception! Light and vegan friendly, this item promises long lasting moisture and slip without weighing down the hair strands. Lighter than our buttercream hair soak, this hair dew is perfect for finer hair types in need of moisture and softness without heavy oil content. Works as both a rinse out and leave in conditioner!

Oatmeal & Molasses 2 in 1 Buttercream Hair Soak

Created from soothing oat amino acids and moisturizing black strap molasses, this deep conditioning treat is as thick as butter and smooth as molasses. It's a throwback straight from childhood, but don't be fooled, this creamy hair delicacy packs a mean punch! Not only does it promise slip, and hydration, but this conditioner also soothes inflamed, dry, flaky, scalps as well! Works as both a leave in hair cream and deep conditioner!


Long lasting curls are just one application away with our Coily Locks Banana Curl Pudding. Moisturizing with hold that guarantees defined curls even after play time, this tropical infusion of pineapple essence, banana extract, and mango butter can be used to slick hair into ponytails, accentuate curls without flakes and leave hair shiny without feeling greasy or weighed down. 

Coily Locks Banana Curl Custard


A super creamy blend of calming chamomile, plum seed oil, and sweet essences of agave nectar, our yummy hair beverage will melt away even the toughest of tangles!  Ouch free touchably soft hair days are just one application a way! Infused with moisturizers for long lasting hydration, this glycerin free hair milk promises to leave curls on cloud 9. 

Sweet Plum & Avena Moisture Milk

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