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Treat your clients' hair to a tropical indulgence with our Pineapple & Kalahari Hair Smoothie! Rich in pineapple, with the added benefits of shea and watermelon seed oil, this ultra moisturizing two in one leave in conditioner is guaranteed to leave hair moisturized, and detangled with a luminous shine!


Pineapple & Kalahari hair Smoothie



Top Seller!

Milk does the body good and does the hair even better! Trade dry brittle hair for deeply hydrated tresses with our Cocoa Latte Hair Milk. Made from coconut milk and moisturizing cocoa butter, this light weight leave-in promises to quench the thirst of even the driest of hair types and leave the hair conditioned and touchably soft. 


Cocoa Latte Hair Milk

Top Seller!

Capuacu Butter & Tomato fruit Leave in

A potent hair concoction for dehydrated tresses, this creamy leave-in conditioner is packed with natural emollients and beta carotene for deeply moisturizing dry hair.

Created from tomato fruit bioferment, red palm oil and capuacu butter, this natural medley is packed with minerals for restoring hair to a healthy condition and nourishing the hair strands from within.  

Cran-Apple Moisture Cocktail 

Instantly moisturize dry hair with our thirst quenching Cran-Apple Moisture Cocktail. A delicious hair beverage created from organic cranberry and apple fruit essences, this delectable cocktail is light weight and contains natural detanglers and moisturizers for revitalizing all hair types. 

Blueberry & Babassu buttercream

Created from softening emollients, this super moisturizing and conditioning buttercream is created to add heavy hydration to super dry hair types and protect the hair from split ends and breakage. Utilizing the properties of blueberry, shea butter, and babassu oils, this thick and hydrating hair cream is formulated to keep kinky hair soft and moisturized for days!




A moisturizing light rinse out conditioner for softening and detangling all hair types, this creamy conditioner is light on the oil content with a higher percentage of detangling agents. Use this conditioner with our No Knot Conditioning Cleanser or Lavender Mint Spa Conditioning Cleanser for moisture and softness without weighing down the hair. 


Manuka Honey Conditioning Nectar

A humectant enriched rinse out conditioner formulated from organic aloe juice and honey, this alluring medley of botanicals promises to leave the hair detangled, soft, and conditioned in just minutes!




 A creamy leave- in conditioner, with detangling properties, created from coconut oil and hair strengthening hibiscus extracts. Formulated to moisturize and add sheen to dry hair types and reduce breakage without weighing down the hair strands. Light creamy leave in conditioner, varies from light pink to mauve in color. Suitable for dry hair in need of light moisture. 


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