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keratin & msm restorative hair mist

Stimulate your follicles, improve the strength of your hair, and stop breakage in it's tracks with our Keratin & MSM Restorative Hair Mist. A botanical infused spray blended with ayurvedic herbs, hydrolyzed keratin and msm for strength and repairing damaged hair types; this product is easy to use and can be sprayed and massaged directly on to the scalp and on the hair to combat breakage and restore hair back to a healthy state. No greasy oils or offensive smells, this aloe juice based healthy hair elixir contains essential oils for soothing the scalp and the senses. Excellent at improving the overall condition of brittle hair. 

bhringaraj & sulfur hair growth serum

An herbal infusion of ayurvedic herbs, sulfur, organic castor seed oil, and vitamins, this natural blend was created to improve the condition of the scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth. No more ineffective hair oils or mineral oil ladden greases, this product conditions, relieves itchiness and common scalp issues, improves length retention, stimulates growth, and softens new growth. *This product contains a large concentration of sulfur for growth efficacy and therefore has an inherent scent of sulfur*


Top Seller!



Treat your hair and scalp with to a pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment with our

Peppermint & Eucalyptus Hair Elixir! Packed with a variety of natural herbs and emollients, this product relieves itchiness, dry scalp, dry hair and lubricates the hair shaft to reduce signs of breakage. 

Anti Itch peppermint   restoration mist

A botanical infused spray blended with ayurvedic herbs and peppermint; this product is easy to use and can be sprayed and massaged directly on to the scalp and on the hair to combat itching as well as flaky skin. A more potent version of our Keratin & MSM Restorative Hair Mist for those that are in need of healthy scalp care but are also protein sensitive. 

bio-rice growth drops


Our NEW Bio-Rice Growth Drops are finally here! This concentrated blend is created from hydrolyzed keratin, rice bioferment extracts, and biotin to strengthen the hair, relieve issues of dandruff and flaky scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. 

This liposome-based emulsion of biotin and other actives improves hair density and growth conditions.


  • Contributes to improve hair density, normalizing the ratio of anagen and telogen hair growth phases

  • Improved delivery of active ingredients into the scalp and hair root area

  • Salicylic acid is incorporated to relieve flaky scalp and issues of dandruff 

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil is used to keep scalp moisturized and the hair lubricated to prevent breakage

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