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Frequently asked questions


What is PLM Cosmetics? 

PLM Cosmetics is a short run customization company offering natural hair, and skin care items in bulk for resell. Our goal is to assist small business owners in creating their own line of natural products. We offer our items in bulk for you to repackage as your own, prepackaged edge control, customization, reverse engineering, contract manufacturing and more! We do not require minimum total amounts, start up fees, or set up fees. We pride ourselves in offering an easy and simplistic method of quickly assisting customers in creating their own brand of products. 





What makes PLM Cosmetics different from other bulk/private labeling brands? 

PLM Cosmetics manufactures innovative natural hair, cosmetic, and skin care products for small businesses interested in creating their own brand.   

     -MANUFACTURING: We are the sole manufacturer of our items therefore you, as a business owner, can rest assured that you are getting an original formula without any "up charges". Your items will also be unique to your brand as we continuously create unique items to meet the needs of all skin and hair types. 

    - DEDICATION: We understand that to maintain a profitable and long lasting business relationship with our clients, the lines of communication must always be open and that our goal as your supplier must always be to make sure that YOU are successful. While we are adamant regarding our policies as they ensure security for both our clients as well as ourselves, we offer a very relaxed approach to our services. We understand that not every business is the same, so we are willing to assist each and every one of our clients based on their individual needs. 

   -HONESTY: We will always recommend items, services, as well as options that will directly behoove your brand. We test our items on different demographics, hair types, as well as skin types. We send samples to customers as well as receive feedback so that we can recommend the best items to meet your target demographic. We will never recommend services that you do not need. We are very up front and honest regarding which items, services, etc will best fit your business structure. Rest assured that our longevity as a company is based on your longevity as a business, for this reason, our sole intent is to make sure that you are successful. 

    -QUALITY CONTROL: PLM Cosmetics is compliant with FDA GMP standards therefore all items are checked for quality control in our facility.  Every item shipped is tested to make sure they are free of microbes and bacteria. The shelf life of all items is 1- 1.5 years from the date of receipt.

    -UNDERSTANDING: We understand that it is simply not feasible for a small business owner to purchase 5,000 units of items just to begin private labeling, this is why, unlike our competitors, we offer low minimums and offer a unique service of short run customization that will allow your brand to stand out from the rest and be unique to YOUR brand! 




How do I place an order? 

To place an order for samples, bulk items, or private label items, you may send us an email with all of the items that you are interested in purchasing as well as any additional services needed to We will then send you a quote detailing the cost of each item. After your approval we will have an authorized rep send you an invoice for remittance of payment. 



Where are you located? 

PLM Cosmetics is located in the southeastern portion of the United States, with distributorship in Georgia and Alabama. Our new facility is located in Miami, FL. Our facility is not open to the public. 




Can I place an order by phone or contact you by phone with a few questions? 

Our phone line is only available for clients that spend $5,000 or more. For these orders, the client is contacted via our 1-800 number for order confirmation, assisted with order placement as well as faxed a contract for services as well as our privacy agreement. Since we do not require small businesses to provide proof of business establishment, Tax I.D information, or submit a contract in order to receive our services, all correspondence for orders less than $5,000 must be submitted via written communication for record keeping purposes. Customers may contact us via email at, or via our 24/7 LIVE Customer Support Chat system for one on one assistance with a representative. This feature also allows you to send yourself a transcript of the recorded conversation for your records. 




What are your minimums for hair and cosmetics? 

Hair  and skin care items have a 10 unit minimum and cosmetic minimums and prices can be found at the top of each cosmetic page. 




Do you offer labeling services and can you apply my labels to your containers?

We no longer offer labeling services, graphic design services, or apply labels to containers. 



What is the standard processing time and can I receive my items sooner? 

U.S destined sample orders process in 10 business days. International sample orders process in 14 business days. The standard processing time for all bulk  orders is 4-6 weeks. The processing time for 1/2 gallon and 2 gallon items is 10 business days on average. These time frames exclude sale periods. If you have a specific deadline to meet, we would highly recommend letting us know in advance. We do NOT recommend that customers schedule events before they receive their items. Please note that we will not push your shipping date up higher in our order queue for an event if you inform us after you have made a purchase. If you have a specific date when you need your items, it is the customer's responsibility to inform us of such well in advance of order placement so we can determine if faster processing methods can be accommodated. We are more than happy to note all deadlines for customers to insure you receive your items on time, however, we do not make guarantees on estimated times of arrival as the shipping company determines when an order will be delivered. 


What do you do for items damaged or lost in transit? 

All shipping companies are responsible for delivering packages in the manner in which they were shipped. Generally speaking, we hold all shipping companies responsible for damaged items if they occur on their behalf. Our dedication to customer satisfaction will always be priority, so in the event that your items are damaged during transit, we will send replacements in 10 business days and 14 business days for customized items. Depending on the size of the order we may issue a refund to our discretion. Missing items. discrepancies, and damaged parcels should be reported within 7 days of receipt by the recipient. Customers have 7 days to inform us of discrepancies, after this point the order is considered final and completed. There are no exceptions. If the customer and/or recipient does not report discrepancies during the time frame noted on our policy, we will not send replacements or issue credits. It is imperative that recipients inspect merchandise upon delivery and communicate concerns with us immediately for resolution. We do not send replacements for free items as free items do not have any monetary value. USPS, UPS, and FedEx are responsible for your package at the time of shipment and are obligated to deliver your items to you in the manner that we shipped them. PLM Cosmetics will always assist customers if these issues occur, however, it is important that customers hold the shipping company paid for the purpose of delivering items damage free to the recipient, fully responsible and report damages and missing items to us within a timely matter as we do not accept fault for any issues that occur while a parcel is in transit.  


Do you accept returns, exchanges, or issue refunds? 

All items purchased from our website are considered specialty, customized items, therefore we do not provide exchanges or accept returns. All sales are final.The value of items that are out of stock will be refunded back to the customer's account at the time of shipment. We do not hold orders or cancel orders due to an item being out of stock. 



How do I know that you are a reputable business? I have been "burned" by other companies in the past. 

The quality of our customer service and items speak for themselves as well as our pledge to natural ingredient associations/partners. We are a secured merchant that has assisted some of the top natural hair and cosmetic lines for inclusion in well known retail brands.  Since purchasing from our website is an option, we do not "persuade" customers to purchase from our website. We provide truthful details regarding our services so that our clients  know what to expect and what not to expect. Customers who have any concerns with placing an order for items are advised not to do so at this time. Trust and honesty is very important with regard to our services. Just as you would like assurance that we will provide your items in the condition advertised and quality promised, we also must trust that you are an honest and reasonable business owner that will maintain a professional and communicative relationship with our company. If we feel that a client has concerns with placing an order or concerns regarding a pending order, they will immediately be refunded for the amount purchased at our discretion. 


I requested an invoice, but did not pay for it in time, why was it canceled and can I just reorder? 

All orders that are not paid for on the same day the invoice is sent, will be canceled for non-payment and/or extended processing to our sole discretion. We do not place "holds" on orders and since we deal with business owners exclusively, expect payment to be remitted at the time that the order is placed. We ask that customers avoid placing orders for items if they are not prepared to remit payment at the time that we send the invoice or simply contact us, within 24 hours to cancel an invoice they are no longer interested in. Failure to remit on time payments for invoices 3 times within a 6 month period (with no communication from the client regarding their order) will result in us, regrettably no longer being able to offer our services to that client. 



I placed an international order and it has not arrived yet, when will I receive it? 

Generally speaking, orders shipped internationally arrive at their destination within 14 - 21 business days. This is simply an estimate. Once we send you your tracking information you are fully responsible for keeping track of your own package. via the tracking number provided 



I am having issues with the Post Office, what do you do to help customers with this matter? 

We have no problem assisting customers should there ever be an issue with the post office, however, please note that USPS, UPS, and FedEx are completely different companies from PLM Cosmetics. Their responsibility to you, as a customer, is to deliver your items in the same manner in which they are shipped. If any damages, discrepancies, or issues occur, please contact us immediately so that we can send immediate replacements or a refund. 




How can I have my samples customized? 

Customized samples, effective, March 8th 2014 now require a customization fee of $100. To have your samples customized, please contact our customer service department with the items that you are interested in as well as customization details for a quote on services. 




Can I purchase packaging (bottles, jars, etc) from you? Do the gallon containers come with packaging?

Customers who purchase by the gallon must purchase their own packaging from a packaging supplier. We do not offer bottles, jars, and closures for purchase separately. 

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