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How do I get started? 





Samples (optional)

Purchase samples of any item found on our website to determine  whether you would like to incorporate them into your line! You have the option of purchasing our pre-set sample kits or buying samples individually. Samples are sold in 4 oz containers  and are $8.00 each with a 5 unit minimum.  Skin care items that are specialty serums or treatments are sold in 1-2 oz containers in sample form. Please note, we cannot guarantee an item will work for you if you make the decision to purchase without sampling first!


Processing Times:

- 1/2 Gallon and 2 Gallon pail orders have a 10 business day processing time. Bulk orders of 5 gallon+ sized orders have a 14 business day processing time. The processing time for bulk edge control and standard bulk orders that exceed 20 gallons is typically 4-6 weeks depending on what's ordered. Please note this processing time does not include SALE PERIODS.

- Customized orders have a 6 week processing time. Expedited processing for 10 business day processing may be available per agreement (ie: not all customizations will be eligible for this offer). 


Prepackaged Edge Control:

- Edge Control is the ONLY item that we sell by the unit (prepackaged). The minimum is 30 units with a 4 week processing time. If you are interested in over 100 units of edge control you will need to order by the pail.  



Customization (optional) 

You may also consider customizing our bases for your individual needs. 

Removal of any ingredient is absolutely free as long as it doesn't alter the overall integrity of the product (we will not remove things such as preservatives or emulsifiers).  Adding an ingredient is $10 - $15 per each ingredient added to a product. If you opt to remove an ingredient that makes up an important part of the finished formula and are interested in replacing with another ingredient instead, you will be charged the full cost of that ingredient. For example, shea butter is an important part of the Creme Brulee Hair Souffle, if you opt to have that ingredient removed and replaced with cocoa butter, it will drastically change the performance, feel, texture, of the finished product. You would then be charged the full amount that the supplier would require, for the addition of that ingredient. This is an optional service and is not required. 

*NOTE: It is entirely the client's responsibility to sample their customization prior to customizing a large batch of product.

If you opt to have ingredients added or removed from a base it can drastically change the performance, feel, texture, of the finished product. It is entirely the client's responsibility to sample their customization prior to customizing a large batch of product. Please note, fragrance CAN alter the texture, color, and feel of a product. We will not refund or replace an item if the fragrance that you select changes the look and feel of the base. It is very important to sample before ordering in bulk. 

We are unable to predict how your requested customization will turn out and we do not test customized items for efficacy (this is the client's job before adding the item to their line).  Customers are required to sample their customizations BEFORE ordering in bulk.  Please note, we will not replace or refund any customization that was not tested before ordering in bulk.  


Contract Manufacturing (optional) - Contract manufacturing is when we formulate a product for you from scratch using the ingredients of your choice. We offer the lowest costs for both contract manufacturing and customization in the beauty industry. We can reverse engineer an existing product for you, create a similar product to ones found in stores, or create a unique, innovative hair care product just for your brand.


To begin the process, we would need submission of all of the ingredients desired in the hair product. Details regarding your preference in performance, the hair type the product will be marketed to, desired texture, percentages of ingredients used (if available) etc is needed. If you are interested in reverse engineering services, we require at least a 4 oz sample of the original formula. We do not make any guarantees on customized/contract manufactured items if the required information is not submitted by the customer and/or the item was not sampled prior to bulk/private label purchasing.


The cost for adding oils and butters is $15.00 per ingredient. The addition of herbs and extracts is $10.00. Actives and unique botanicals are also $15.00. To sample customized formulas or contract manufactured formulas is $100 plus the cost of the sample and the cost of any unique ingredients needed. The processing time to create your sample is  21 business days on average. If you decide that you are interested in purchasing your contract manufactured item in bulk there is a $500 order minimum for the entire order, plus the cost of ingredients and packaging if needed. If you decide that you would like to purchase your contract manufactured formula, the cost is $150+ per formula. This is not required. We will only keep the formula for a contract manufactured sample order in our database for 6 months from date the sample order is purchased. After this time, the information will be purged from our system. This means that after sampling a contract manufactured formula you have 6 months from your order date to either purchase the contract manufactured order in bulk, or purchase the formula from us for $150.00. A bulk contract manufactured item will process for 6-8 weeks in business days and cannot be expedited unless stated otherwise by a representative. 


4: Fragrance (optional) 

Determine whether you would like your items to be fragranced. ALL bulk items are shipped unscented, however, we do offer fragrance! Since fragrance is not a "natural ingredient" fragrance is just an option for those interested in their products having a scent. Fragrance is $10.00 to add to  2-5 gallons of product. We add fragrance oils at 1% of the formula. Please note, fragrance additions are considered a form of customization, therefore we will not replace or refund an item if you do not like the fragrance that you chose or request a stronger percentage and it changes the performance of the item. Fragrance oils that contain vanilla, for example, have the potential of discoloring products to a tan/brown color over time, and some may cause drastic color changes, and thickening or thinning of an original formula. For this reason, we recommend customizing samples with your desired fragrance before adding fragrance to an entire order. If you are interested in a "strong" scent throw, this can be requested, however, we will not replace or refund an item should the percentage of fragrance change the efficacy/consistency of the item.


5: Make Your Purchase

To place an order for  items, simply send an email to, with your desired product selections (as well as quantity) for a quote and invoice. If you decide you are interested in making a purchase and would like us to send you an invoice for remittance of payment, please note that payment for the items are due on the day that the invoice was sent. Invoices are canceled for non-payment after 24 hours. Please do not request an invoice till you are able to remit payment. We have a no tolerance policy for delinquent payments. It's time consuming and has our sales department working overtime to delete the unpaid invoice from our system, send reminders, and late invoices typically are rejected by the customer's bank causing processing issues and order process delays. During sales, unpaid invoices where items are being "held" also cause availability issues which prevents other customers from ordering the same item. If after receiving your invoice, you decide that you are no longer interested in the order, please contact us within 24 hours to cancel the invoice request. An account with over 3 late payments and/or 'no payments' within 6 months will result in the suspension of your wholesale account until further notice. Only request an invoice when you are prepared to pay for the product the same day that you requested the invoice. We send notice that the bill for payment has been sent immediately. If you do not receive your invoice when we send you a confirmation of order email, please let us know immediately. We will send a courtesy reminder prior to cancellation.Only request an invoice/bill for services when you are prepared to pay for the invoice. 




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