2 GALLON PAILS Only $100.00

For a LIMITED time only, and JUST for our Spring Sale, we are bringing back smaller ordering options.


Perfect for new start ups, order in smaller increments to get your brand started. Each 2 gallon pail makes roughly 30 (8 oz ) bottles on average. For our Spring Sale our 2 gallon pails are available for just $100.00!


No minimums required to order! Stock up now, as our items are regularly only available in 5 gallon pails. With this special offer you can start your line with a small investment! 

NOTE: Bhringaraj Sulfur Hair Growth Serum, Cocoa Mint Cleansing Tea, Toasted Marshmallow Ginger Twisting Cream, Whipped Hemp Seed Amla Jelly Cream are only available in 5 gallon pails (not 2 gallon). 


Edge control items are $250.00 per 2 gallon pail.  

Iron Guard Silkening Spray is available for $150.00 per 2 gallon pail



5 GALLON PAILS $100.00 Off!

All 5 Gallon Pails are a whopping $100.00 Off the regular price! 

EXTRA OFFERS: 5 gallon pail orders of $500+ will receive FREE fragrance customization for all items in the order for THIS weekend only! 



Edge Control Units $4.50 each! 

Order our HydroMoist Edge Control or (clear) Black Algae Edge Tamer in standard packaging and receive each unit at just $4.50 each! 

Order our (black) Black Algae Edge Tamer or Remixed Edge Control Balm in black, cobalt blue or amber, packaging and receive each unit at just $5.00 each!

(Minimum order amount is 50 for this sale  offer)



To place an order, please contact us at salesdept@private-label-minerals.com.

We will send an invoice for the items once you forward your order request. 


Please DO NOT request an invoice for merchandise and "wait" to pay at a later date. All unpaid invoices will be cancelled. 

Invoices will be canceled for non-payment arfter 24 hours. No exceptions. We will NOT resend an invoice if your order has been cancelled for non-payment. 

2 Gallon Pail orders will process in 21 business days before shipment  

5 Gallon pail orders will process in 21 business days unless an order of over 20 gallons is ordered or customization services are requested. 

Customized 5 gallon pail orders will process in 6 weeks. 

Edge control orders (of any kind) will process in 6 weeks. 

There is no option to expedite  for this sale. 

Customization: We are offering free fragrancing bonuses with this sale, however, it is your responsibility to ONLY customize merchandise that you have sampled and tested with the customization FIRST. Fragrance can cause thickening, thinning, or darkening of an item. In the event you choose to customize your items without having a sample customization on file, please note, we will NOT replace the customization if it is not how you expected or issues arise in texture or coloring. It is always suggested to SAMPLE a customization before ordering in bulk