2 GALLON PAILS Only $100.00


Each 2 gallon pail makes roughly 30 (8 oz ) bottles on average. Order our 2 gallon pails for just $100.00 and receive FREE SHIPPING!

NOTE: Twisting/curl creams and Iron Guard Silkening Mist are $150.00 per pail. Edge control items are $250.00 per pail.  

Items that are NOT on sale: 

Cocoa Mint Cleansing Tea

Herbal Hair & Scalp Butter

Pistachio Buriti High Shine Glossifier

5 GALLON PAILS $50.00 off!

Need more than 2 gallons? Order a 5 gallon pail and receive $50.00 off of the regular price! FREE shipping on all pail order!

30 Gallon Drums $300.00 off! 


It's our first LARGE drum discount, take $300.00 off of the regular price for any drum of ANY product on our website.  

BONUS: Order (2) 30 gallon drums and receive FREE customization. 

               Order (5) 30 gallon drums and, for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, receive FREE customization AND FREE FedEx LTL Freight Shipping! 

Freight shipping can cost hundreds to over a thousand dollars to transport large volumes of freight. For this weekend, we will cover ALL freight charges and throw in free customization! A deal that CAN'T be beat! . 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have been working with a smaller staff since COVID has impacted production and time frames for shipping, for this reason, we will NOT be accepting phone order inquiries for large orders at this time. To offset this inconvenience, for customers with orders over $5k in value, we will accept just 60% of the payment and collect final payment at time of shipment. For larger orders, we will accept just 50% of the payment and collect the final payment at time of shipment. This gives you the opportunity to spend LESS upfront, receive drums at a discounted rate, receive FREE LTL shipping (if ordered this weekend) and FREE customization. 



Ordering & Processing Times:  

To place an order, please contact us at with your order. We will respond within the hour and forward you a quote and per your instruction, send an invoice for the items whenever you indicate for us to. 

PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON THE DATE THAT THE CUSTOMER REQUESTS THE INVOICE! If you order on Saturday, payment for your order is due on Saturday. Not the next day, the day you request the invoice. We are working with limited supplies and a larger than normal demand, so this policy will be strictly enforced to ensure all customers have the opportunity to order. 

Please DO NOT request an invoice for merchandise and "wait" to pay the following day or at a later date. All unpaid invoices will be canceled. We will NOT resend an invoice if your order has been canceled for non-payment. 


2 Gallon Pails - 14-21 business days; 21 business days for curl products and 2 gallon edge control. 

5 Gallon Pails - 21 business days; 5-6 weeks for customized pails and 5 gallon edge control

30 Gallon Drums - 6-8 weeks 

Customization: Customization is only available for 5 gallon pail and drum orders

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