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SALE ENDS June 5th










1/2 Gallon Jars JUST $45.00; 2 Gallon Pails NOW $100.00 Each!

In need of a smaller quantity of product? Customers now have the option of ordering any of our hair and skin care items in 1/2 gallon form for just $45.00 or our 2 gallon pails for $100.00 each!

*Twisting creams  and edge controls are $60.00 for 1/2 Gallons; Twisting creams are $180.00 for 2 Gallon pails. Edge control is $250.00 for 2 Gallon pails* 

5 Gallon pails $90.00 Off + Buy 1 Get 1 Free + FREE CUSTOMIZATION!

Take advantage of THREE sale offers in one. Purchase a 5 gallon pail and receive (1) 1/2 Gallon product of your choice for FREE, $90.00 off, plus FREE customization! 


                 Cationic Guar - detangler/slip

                 Soy, Wheat, Rice, or Keratin protein - strength

                 Fruit botanical blends - for stand out ingredient deck and marketing

                 Vegetable botanical blends - for stand out ingredient deck and marketing

                  Agave Nectar/Honey - Humectant and shine

                  Apple Fruit Water 

                  Broccoli Seed Oil

                  Hemp Seed Oil

                  Papaya Seed Oil

                  Fragrance Oils/Essential Oils.......and more! 

*Customers may add up to one ingredients of their choice for free*

Attention: Free items are ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and exclude all stylers. Customers may receive a maximum of (2) Free 1/2 gallons per order. Free items do NOT carry a monetary value, in the event an order is placed towards the end of the sale period, there is a chance the free item you may request will be out of stock as they are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Free items that are out of stock at time of shipment will be replaced with free items that are available. 

Ordering & Processing Times:  

To place an order, please contact us at with your order. We will respond within the hour and forward you a quote and per your instruction, send an invoice for the items whenever you indicate for us to. 



Please DO NOT request an invoice for merchandise and "wait" to pay the following day or at a later date. All unpaid invoices will be canceled. We will NOT resend an invoice if your order has been canceled for non-payment. 

ATTENTION: Please note we include ALL ELIGIBLE sale discounts and offers on each customer's itemized invoice. If a sale offer is not included on your invoice it means you were not eligible for the offer. Please contact us BEFORE remitting payment for your invoice, if you have questions regarding what offers you are eligible for. Due to the fact that invoices are manually created, we ask that customers please only contact us regarding an order when you are seriously interested in purchasing. To ensure that all customer's requests are answered in a timely fashion, we will not resend a cancelled invoice. Customers who request sale invoices/place orders and "ghost" the order at time of due payment will adversely impact a customer's ability to purchase from PLM Cosmetics again in the future. No exceptions. 


Bulk Hair & Skin Care Orders: 21 business days for all orders

*Customized* Bulk Hair & Skin Care Orders: 6-7 week processing time

Edge Control: 6 week processing time

Drum Orders - *please contact us for processing time for drums*

Customization: We are offering free customization bonuses with this sale, however, it is your responsibility to ONLY customize merchandise that you have sampled and tested with the customization FIRST. Fragrance can cause thickening, thinning, or darkening of an item. In the event you choose to customize your items without having a sample customization on file, please note, we will NOT replace the customization if it is not how you expected or issues arise in texture or coloring. It is always suggested to SAMPLE a customization before ordering in bulk

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