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lemonberry skin tone-ade


We've combined all of the qualities of a delicious glass of lemonade into a healthy facial beverage made just for your skin! Created from a blend of strawberry fruit water, lemon oil and natural astringents, our Lemonberry Skin Tone-ade is packed with intense moisturizers for replenishing and toning all skin types. This product promises to soften, hydrate, tone, and balance your skin's ph for a natural glow! 


teatree-mint mattifying water

A must have staple in any skin care regimen, this refreshing mist of herbal botanicals, reduces sebum production in oily skin types and balances the skin tone leaving behind a more matte finish. Formulated to deeply cleanse the pores and remove impurities as well as early signs of blemishes, our Tea Tree Mint Mattifying Water is an excellent solution for problematic skin types! *Compare our Tea Tree Mint Mattifying Water to LUSH's Tea Tree Water and Grease Lightening.


Oil-Free  moisture gelee

No oils, propylene glycol, vegetable waxes, or esters included, this oil free moisturizing serum was created specifically to address the needs of customers with sensitive problematic skin types. A cross between a serum and a facial gel, this moisturizer is not your run of the mill face lotion! Packed with extracts of gojiberry and mineral astingents to keep the skin conditioned and oil free throughout the day. This no-fuss formula is excellent for those who are interested in aloe juice based hydration.

Milky, light weight, and good for your skin, this ultra hydrating facial milk is formulated from organic shea butter and organic aloe juice. Create from Vitamin A and vitamin E, this soothing moisturizer contains ingredients known for protecting the skin from free radical damage, improving elasticity, and improving cell renewal.

Shea-Aloe Moisture Milk 

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