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MSM & salicylic acid vanishing serum

A powerful complex of natural actives, msm, essential oils, and salicylic acid reduces the appearance of pores, eliminates breakouts, razor bumps and other blemishes. 


Kiwi-STRAWBERRY AHA Exfoliating Jelly 

A vitamic c and AHA infused exfoliating jelly for slaughing away dead skin for a softer smoother, clearer complexion. Our Kiwi Strawberry Exfoliating Jelly is stronger than our Pumpkin & Papaya Brightening Marmalade, and incorporates kiwi fruit extracts, strawberry fruit water, and lactic acid for vibrant, glowy, moisturized skin. Usage of this item over time helps combat signs of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Not for sensitive skin types. 


pumpkin & Papaya brightening marmalade 

A gentle peel for revitalizing dull skin. This product provides immediate results after just one application. An easy to use jelly/serum created from real pineapple fruit and pumpkin puree, this brightening skin resurfacing mask removes all signs of dead skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives all skin types a natural "glow". 

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