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Order Minimums:

Effective October 1st, we will no longer be offering prepackaging options (with the exception of edge control) or 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon ordering options. 


Beginning the first of October we will be transitioning into bulk fulfillment exclusively in an effort to reduce processing times for customers. There will be a 5 gallon pail minimum per SKU (ie: per item ordered). There will be a 10 gallon minimum for customized items of any kind. 

Please plan accordingly for the upcoming months; we will NO longer be offering 1/2 gallons or 1 gallon items. You will need to order each item by the pail. 



Processing Times:

- Standard bulk pails under 20 gallons ordered will be 10 business days for most items (excludes twisting creams and edge control which will be provided at the time that the quote is requested based on our queue for those items). The processing time for standard bulk orders that exceed 20 gallons (ie: a drum order) will be provided to customers at the time the quote is submitted based on the order request. 

- Customized bulk pails under 20 gallons have a 1 month on average processing time as usual, expedited processing for 10 business day processing will be available per agreement (ie: not all customizations will be eligible for this offer). 

- The processing time for customized pails that exceed 20 gallons (ie: a drum order) will be provided to customers at the time the quote is submitted based on the order request. 


Prepackaged Edge Control:

- We will continue to offer prepackaged edge control and will be expanding our packaging options. The minimum will be 30 units with a 14 business day processing time. Non-customized orders of edge control over 30 units will process in 1 month (no expedited processing fee). If you are interested in over 100 units of edge control you will need to order by the pail.  You will need to order a minimum of 10 gallons for your edge control to be customized. 


Customization (optional) 

If you opt to have ingredients added or removed from a base it can drastically change the performance, feel, texture, of the finished product. It is entirely the client's responsibility to sample their customization prior to customizing a large batch of product.

We are unable to predict how your requested customization will turn out and we do not test customized items for efficacy (this is the client's job before adding the item to their line).  Beginning the first of October, customers are required to sample their customizations BEFORE ordering by the pail. We will not remove, add, or substitute an ingredient in an item or add fragrance if you have never tested the customization before. If you have ordered a customized item before without sampling, and we agreed to ship a replacement (ie: the customer skipped the sampling stage, later reported an issue and it caused us to have to cover the cost of additional product and materials), please note, we will no longer be able to offer customization services to your account. No exceptions. 

Cosmetics & Skin Care:  We are discontinuing our cosmetic line to focus on skin care and hair care. Skin care options will be back available October 1st. 



All samples will be 4 oz and $8.00 each as usual with a  6 sample order minimum. Samples over $100.00 in value will receive free U.S destined shipping. 




New Items & Discontinued Items: 

We WILL be adding new skin care items and hair care items to our line as well as discontinuing items that are no longer cost efficient for production or have not met our purchasing thresholds.   


Effective October 1st 2019  these changes will apply to all orders placed. If you typically order by the unit or by the gallon (not pails), we would suggest ordering between now and September as we will not be able to accept these orders at the beginning of October.